Delightful, Decadent, and Down Right Delicious

Blending premium ingredients for a one of a kind chocolate experience



Original Fine Dark Chocolate


Bourbon Roasted
+ Smokehouse Almond



Roasted Salt

Kona coffee cappuccino with roasted salted almonds


French vanilla with roasted jalapeño almonds



A Delectable Experience

“Made with the highest quality cacao and ingredients for the exquisite chocolate.

Enjoy a bite! Okay, 2… alright, no more than 10!

Simply delectable dark chocolate in its purest

Led by Chocolatier Bridget Ludy.

Pivotal Chocolate’s signature flavors were masterminded by renowned chocolatier Bridget Ludy, who has over 40 years of artisanal chocolate-making experience. Her hard work and passion for chocolate have produced some of the most sought-after treats in the United States. Bridget works tirelessly to locate the finest ingredients to blend her unique masterpieces, including hemp seed oil cultivated and pressed locally.
Jennifer L
After a stressful day at work, this chocolate was a true Godsend for me. As it melted in my mouth, my tension too, just seemed to melt away.
Nancy G (mother of 4)
My kids had me at my wits end. Instead of other options to relax, this wonderful, infused chocolate was just what I needed. I simply love it.
Christian Q
Genuinely amazing product.Trust me, I have tried so many brands but this one is truly amazing with the quality and service.
The taste is amazing too.I felt the benefits within a few days, Highly recommended!
Aaliyah M
One of the best Hemp minibites I have ever used. Tastes so good. I strongly recommend this to everyone

Love at First Bite

While it sounds simple, it’s taken her on a 40-year journey of perfecting her craft. Learning from other expert chocolatiers and experimenting with different flavors and methods in her lab.

Consistent high-quality hemp chocolate

With Pivotal Chocolates, you taste the smooth dark chocolate and feel the Hemp benefits, all with only wonderful, delicious tastes. This is possible through a proprietary blend crafted to perfection that removes the tart grassy taste that hemp usually leaves on edibles without altering the flavor profile from the chocolate. As you bite into a Pivotal Chocolate, the rich taste fills your mouth and the health benefits take over your body, leaving you in complete bliss.



Flavors were handcrafted by 40-year master chocolatier, Bridget Ludy


Blends are made only with the highest quality hemp oil and finest chocolate


Each chocolate is a scrumptious blend and perfect balance of the cocoa and hemp-oil for a smooth, delicious treat


Hemp chocolate lovers appreciate the creaminess, unique flavor collections, and HEMP benefits


Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds which is federally legal in all US States and territories. Our chocolates can be shipped and consumed anywhere in the country!

Hemp seed oil chocolate combines Hemp, hemp’s non-psychoactive component, with chocolate’s good taste. Hemp is used for pain & stress management, anxiety, seizure control, depression, and insomnia. It treats these issues by working within your body’s endocannabinoid system causing calming anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

When you consume chocolate with Hemp seed oil, endocannabinoid receptors are activated while anandamide levels increase. After consuming hemp chocolates, the calming effects will begin anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion, occurring more quickly on an empty or near-empty stomach.

If it’s your first time consuming hemp chocolate, start with one square at a time. Always go low and slow. Start with 10mg a day either in the morning or night, and sustain that dosage for three days. If you don’t notice a difference, up the dosage by 5mg every three days, up to 50mg a day.

Hemp – seed oil is less than 0.3% of THC content and does not get you high. In reality, hemp is used for pain and stress management, anxiety, seizure control, depression, and insomnia.

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