Our Minibites! The perfect amount of delicousness

How minibites are solving inaccurate dosing

To produce the most accurately dosed, high quality

chocolates on the market. We execute precision when it

comes to infusing the chocolate and to never waiver on the

quality of chocolate and infused materials.

We noticed a huge problem within the industry.


- inaccurate stated dosage vs actual product dosage

-Toxins and pesticides within edible products

- Low quality of chocolate products

Inadequate production and distribution for market demands

How we're aiming to solve these issues!


- Provide dosing of hemp oil as specified on packaging for consistent,

and accurate products. As dosages within 0.10% accuracy

- Use only clean and organic ingredients for the best product


- Use only the best chocolate from Belgium.

Use Pivotal Chocolate’s production and distribution plan to ensure

all items delivered promptly to retailers and customers.

- By creating and maintaining product quality as well as positive

community outreach, the general public and consumer will

understand the benefits of hemp.

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